It's a new week with a whole list of new updates. Here's what's been going down on Thursday nights:

July 9: Faith vs Nature with special guests Steve and Deb Shank! We had a powerful and open discussion about proper dating, dangers of drug and alcohol use, pornography, and other issues facing teens today. The community stood united in the teachings of the Catholic Church and will no doubt stand firm in their beliefs despite the temptations that can prop up during summer vacation.

July 16: Ben shared about his Bible Hero: Jonah! In the 4 brief chapters of Jonah, we learn about how he turned down the Lord's call to go to Nineveh and proclaim the word of God but eventually accepted the call after being tested by the a giant fish. Ben connected this story to his own life as he continues to grow as a leader in this community despite initially turning down the call after his original weekend.

July 23: Adoration Night. As the night started in the Seminary Chapel, Fr. Larry introduced a new song to the community "Down to the River to Pray." We learned that we as a community needed to come together and pray together with a night of praise, worship, scripture reading, spontaneous prayer, confession and healing.

July 30: Juan Carlos and Christian will be sharing about "Isaiah." Hope you can join us!

Posted on July 29, 2015 .