A Love Letter

I love you! I shed My own blood for you to make you clean. You are new! Believe it is true! You are lovely in My eyes, and I created you to be just are you are. Do not criticize yourself or be discouraged for not being perfect in you own eyes. This leads only to frustration. I want you to TRUST ME, one step, one day at a time.  Dwell in My power and love. Be free --- be yourself.  Don't allow other people to ruin you.  I will guide you if you let Me.  Be aware of My presence in everything.  I give you love, joy, peace. Look to Me. I am your shepherd and will lead you. FOLLOW ME only! Listen and I will tell you My will.  I love you, I love you! Let it flow from you – spill over to all you touch.  Be not concerned with yourself.  You are My responsibility. I will change you. You are to love yourself and love others simple because I love you. Take your eyes off yourself.  Look only at Me!  I lead; I change; I make, but not when you are trying. I won't fight your efforts.  You are mine.  Let Me have the joy of making you like Christ. Let Me love you! Let Me give you joy, peace and kindness, No one else can. Do you see?  You are not your own. You have been bought with blood and now you belong Me.  It is not your concern how I deal with you.  You only command is to look to Me and Me alone. Never to yourself and never to others. I love you.  Do not struggle.  Relax in My love. I know what is best and will do it with you, in you and through you.  My will is perfect. My love is sufficient .  I will supply all your needs.
Look to Me,

I love you,

Lord Jesus, I forgive myself for my sins, faults and failings. For all that is truly bad in myself or all that I think is bad, I do forgive myself.

Lord Jesus,  I forgive myself for thinking I am not good looking enough, for being to fat or too skinny, for not being popular, for feeling I have no outstanding talents, for not be athletic, for not being smart, for doing badly in school, for lying, cheating, for stealing, for being a problem in classroom.  Lord Jesus,  I truly forgive myself this day.

(OHPC) Our House Prayer Community.

Posted on August 17, 2015 .