Weekend Description

Teen Encounter is a retreat for teens, high-school age and older, where teens encounter themselves – others – and Jesus Christ.

Teen Encounter is an opportunity to find one’e true self, meet new people,expand horizons, develop friendships on a deeper level, and discover the truth in Jesus, our Savior.

Teen Encounter is a Catholic Christian experience based on what it means to be Christian, especially a teenage Catholic Christian living in a world that is often in darkness and ignorant of Jesus, the true light of the world.

Teen Encounter is a dynamic living experience with a variety of Christian learning activities in sharings, teachings, discussion, songs, games, prayer, worship, healing, and Sacraments.

Teen Encounter is YOUTH ministering to YOUTH. Many talks are given by teenagers themselves on everyday Christianity in the home, community, parish, and the world.

Teen Encounter runs the whole weekend, Friday evening through Sunday evening. The cost is $75.00. Financial help can be arranged when money is a problem.

Teen Encounter is under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest and Catholic adult leadership.

Teen Encounter has to be experienced! Trust the person who recommends the weekend, be open, and risk encountering Jesus, others, and yourself in a more profound way.